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2018-07-07 09:18:01

In the design of solar street lights, solar garden lights, and LED street lights, many factors such as light sources, Solar Battery systems, and Battery charge and discharge control are involved, and any one of these problems may cause product defects. Solar street lights, solar garden lights, and LED street lights mainly consist of the following components:

1. Solar panels (photovoltaic components, power generation board)
2. Lighting (LED light source)
3. Lamp Shell

4. Solar energy storage battery

5. Solar charge and discharge Controller

The following are described:

1. Solar panels (photovoltaic components, power generation board)

The main function of solar cells is to convert light energy into electrical energy. This phenomenon is called the photovoltaic effect. Among the many solar cells, the most common and practical ones are monocrystalline silicon solar cells, polycrystalline silicon solar cells, and amorphous silicon solar cells.

From the material category: Monocrystalline silicon conversion efficiency of up to 19%, polysilicon 17%, amorphous silicon is less than 15%.

From the level of conversion efficiency: monocrystalline silicon A grade, B grade, C grade, polysilicon A grade, B grade, C grade, amorphous A grade, B grade, C grade. A grade conversion efficiency up to 19% or more, The grade C level is less than 10%, and the high-efficiency electricity of the conversion efficiency is high, and the conversion efficiency is low.

Therefore, when you want to purchase, you need to make it clear that the Solar Panel (photovoltaic components, power generation board) power requirements, and select the appropriate level of solar panels.

2. Lighting (LED light source)

The LED light source consumes only one-tenth of the incandescent lamp and one-third of the fluorescent lamp at the same brightness, but its lifetime is 50 times that of the incandescent lamp, and 20 times that of the fluorescent lamp. It is followed by the incandescent lamp, the fluorescent lamp, and the gas charging and discharging. The fourth-generation lighting products after the lights are also the latest energy-saving products on the market.

Solar energy lamp products have the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection. Of course, the lamps and lanterns should be energy-saving, and the service life can be as long as 50,000 to 100,000 hours. The direct-current energy-saving lamp voltage is direct current, and no need to reverse, which is convenient and safe. We generally use LED lamps and 12V/24V DC energy-saving lamps as light sources. The low operating voltage of the LED makes it ideal for use in solar lighting fixtures. Note: Our company adopts self-developed new LED street lamps and has a number of national patents.

LED light source is divided into small power type and high power type, and is divided into imported chip and domestic chip from chip manufacturer, such as U.S. CREE, Bridgelux, South Korea's Samsung, Taiwan's wafer, etc. Acer, Putian, etc., from the luminous efficiency points of 100-160Lm / W points, Lm / W value of high luminous efficiency, Lm / W value is low luminous efficiency. Lamps with good quality light bulbs have a long life, can reach 50000-100000 hours or more, and light decay is less than 15%. Lamps with poor quality have very short lifespan, and light decay will generally decrease by 30% after one year. After a year, it was not very bright.

Currently on the market there are good quality lamp beads to sell the number of stars, poor quality lamp beads to sell catty, which can be seen that the choice of good components on the importance of LED light source.

3. Lamp shell includes: shell (conventional lamp shell, die-cast aluminum lamp shell) and heat sink (aluminum substrate heat sink),

The conventional lamp shell: is the lamp shell that everybody sees on the road everywhere, is made with the mould sanding process, except the appearance is different, the emphasis is his weight, everybody knows how much aluminum is a kilogram, right? The weight determines the price and the amount of aluminum determines the price of the conventional lamp housing.

Die-cast aluminum lamp housing: It is a lamp housing specially designed for LED lamps. It is manufactured by aluminum alloy stamping process. Except for different shapes, the emphasis is on weight. We also know the cost of aluminum alloy, so the price of die-cast aluminum lamp housing is still Determined by the amount of aluminum and gold content.

Aluminum plate heat sink: is an aluminum alloy plate produced for the LED lamp heat dissipation, in addition to the different shape, the focus is still his weight, we understand the price of aluminum alloy, so the aluminum and gold content is still determined by the aluminum Substrate heat sink price.

4. Solar Energy Storage Battery The role of solar energy storage battery is to store the energy of solar modules as much as possible during the day. The choice of battery capacity generally follows the following principles:

First, it is sufficient to be able to meet the lighting requirements of the night, but also to be able to store the electricity needed to meet the lighting requirements of the continuous rainy day and night. The battery capacity is too small to meet the needs of night lighting or can not meet the needs of continuous use; battery capacity is too large, the battery board can not provide sufficient charging current, the battery is often in a loss of power state, affecting the battery life, while causing waste.

Solar energy storage battery is currently on the market mainly: lead-acid batteries and gel batteries. Because the battery manufacturers are too many, the quality of products varies, the cost of the battery depends mainly on how much lead, some manufacturers are small and large (such as 60AH marked 80AH), and some are equal in size Injecting glass glue into the housing increases the weight, because the high cost of lead makes you hard to prevent.

5. Solar charge and discharge controller. Regardless of the size of solar lamps, a good charge and discharge control circuit is essential. In order to prolong the service life of the battery, it is necessary to limit its charge and discharge conditions to prevent overcharge and deep discharge of the battery. In addition, since the input energy of the solar photovoltaic power generation system is extremely unstable, the control of the battery charging in the photovoltaic power generation system is more complicated than the control of the ordinary battery charging. For the design of solar luminaires, success and failure often depend on the success and failure of charge and discharge control circuits. Without a good charge-discharge control circuit, it is not possible to have a good solar lamp.

Solar charge and discharge controller basic functions: light control, time control, temperature control and other functions for selection, with dimming (power adjustment) function. At the same time, the charge-discharge controller must have the following characteristics: anti-reverse charge control, anti-overcharge control, anti-overdischarge control, and temperature compensation.

Solar charge and discharge controller classification: According to the control mode can be divided into switch control (including single and multiple switch control) type and pulse width modulation (PWM) control (including maximum power tracking control) type. The switching device in the switch control type may be a relay or a MOS transistor. Pulse width modulation (PWM) control types can only use MOS transistors as their switching devices.

Switch-controlled charge-discharge controller: Instability, low functionality, low cost, short life, and low price!

Pulse-width modulation (PWM) type charge-discharge controller: stable performance, complete functions, high cost, long life, relatively high price!

6. The lamp poles are mainly divided into equal-diameter pole (as large as the top diameter and bottom diameter), taper-shaped rods (small top diameter and large bottom diameter). The main material of the lamp stem is all-steel structure and the overall hot dip galvanized/spray (powder) treatment.

Quite popularly speaking, the quality of light poles depends on the conscience of the manufacturers. If the caliber meets the requirements of the contract, but the wall thickness does not meet the requirements, the 3.0 is made of 2.5, and the (cold and electric) galvanizing is said to be the overall heat. Galvanized, there is the thickness of the galvanized layer / spray (powder) layer, he said how thick and thick, you can not go to test, anyway, will be no problem at one and a half, so the Light Pole Quality depends on the manufacturer's conscience.

The height of the light pole should be determined according to the width of the road, the spacing of the lamps, and the illumination standard of the road.

The key to a good solar lighting product is system design. What is a reasonable system design? Let us first understand several important factors that affect the system. This is the latitude, the total amount of annual solar radiation, the maximum number of days without sunshine, the daily power consumption, and the average number of hours of sunshine.

Let's think about it: If the solar battery is not fully charged, what will be the daily discharge? Can you still light the rainy days? These issues must be taken seriously by our procurement personnel.

Because you can't spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase testing equipment to purchase solar street lights, please think twice when purchasing solar street lights!

Finally, we will introduce a simple way to determine the performance of solar street lighting system: First, the solar battery power must be 3-4 times higher than the load power, and the system can work normally. The second is that the battery capacity must be 3-6 times higher than the daily power consumption of the load.

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